Guardian Egyptian Headline

"Through a blend of contemporary and traditional forms, Guardian Egyptian Headline mixes stylish Continental shapes with the no-nonsense proportions of the British Egyptian. Originally designed for use in newspapers, the family’s wide range of weights and clarity in the details give enough flexibility for all types of publication design, corporate identity, and even signage applications." — Guardian Egyptian Headline, Commerical Type

Guardian Sans Headline

"Guardian Sans Headline is built of entirely unadorned forms, making it a typographic chameleon, combining well with a wide range of typefaces. In spite of their simplicity, the lightest and heaviest weights still have quite a bit of personality, while the rest of the family is characterized by respectable neutrality." — Guardian Sans Headline, Commerical Type

Guardian Agate Sans

"Guardian Agate Sans looks awkward and strange at 18 point, as you can see here. That’s because this family was carefully designed to compensate for the worst imaginable printing conditions: 6 point and below on newsprint. The optical compensations required for maximum legibility under such difficult circumstances inevitably look strange at large sizes." — Guardian Agate Sans, Commerical Type

Guardian Egyptian Text

"Guardian Egyptian Text is a capable workhorse in four weights, tuned for optimal readability at small sizes, even under quite adverse printing conditions. Although it seems like adapting Headline to Text would be a straightforward process, different needs in the two sizes lead the designers to find divergent solutions, and not only in the details." — Guardian Egyptian Text, Commerical Type

Guardian Titlepiece

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Guardian Compact

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DW72 Weekend Cond

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